“I was in a very dark place when I first met you. Broken. But you patiently put the right pieces back together again to help me get back to a place I thought was lost forever. I feel spiritually whole now and am eternally grateful to you Helen for your unfailing support”

S Mc D


“We were struggling on so many levels that we seemed to be in a constant battle zone! Your understanding, sensitivity and directness helped us turn our lives around and see things from a different perspective ‘new brain’ We may check in with you from time to time – but you will always be in our hearts Helen and hope we will be in yours!”

J & E



“A friend recommended you to me, but I was a type of guy who was extremely sceptical ! You walked my journey with me and I hardly noticed you doing it! I now know, if it wasn’t for people like you, the CUH would be building a separate wing for people like me”




“Thank you Helen my friend. I am so grateful to you as are my babies (names withheld)
What you live with, you learn; What you learn you practice; What you practice you become .. and that has consequences!
These words will stay in my head forever!



“My G.P referred me to you over nine years ago. Without your measured interventions, compassion and wisdom (certainly patience!) I dread to think of where I would be today. I feel so blessed that our pathways crossed and continue to do so”
W. G